Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Smell is very important to how I maintain relationships. I really like how my wife's hair smells (not because of shampoo), and her whole body has a similar 'tone' to it. I know what most of the people I relate to smell like, and I can recall and imagine it. If they are upset or unwell, they smell wrong to me, and I pick up on it. I am sure this is true of most people, but for some reason, in our culture we seem to want to suppress the idea of smelling other people (or them smelling us). Is it because it is so personal? Well, relationships are personal, so too bad.
I told my wife that if she is visiting anyone with a newborn, "don't smell the baby's head, or you will want one too!" (This has been documented by research.) One thing I have trouble with is when people wear strong perfumes or powders: my throat closes and I can't speak to them! (Not an allergy, my body just says Sorry! No.) When I go to a Radio Club meeting (monthly, but I don't make many of them), this is one of the few times I get out to be in a large room with lots of other people. I find it extremely comforting. I get a lot more calm, and feel better for days. I am nourished by belonging to this group for the past 20 years, and part of it is all those people-scents. Why are we distressed by these things? Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who Cares Really

Another thought relevant to Hetaira (see Page) - [this post title is the name of a piece of music by KasKade]:
Because I write, I need to know the correct meaning, derivation and use of words, "lest the blind lead the blind and they fall in to a ditch." So I looked up the word 'whore' in my Oxford English Dictionary (a gift from a friend years back). It says that this word is found in many European languages, and it is based on an Indic root word that means "to care for". This is the same root word that the Latin word "carus / caritas" comes from, the word translated in the King James Bible as "charity": meaning Christian Love. So, our despised Female Archetype of the Lover was originally understood to be a Carer, a Companion. "It is not good that the man should be alone." Genesis 2:18

The Power of Three

More thoughts to wrap up my current understanding of Hetaira (see the page):
Hetairas should not marry. They should live together - three is a good number - so that they can care for each other and their community. If there are three, then one can be on, one off, and the other not on but caring for the other two: listening, cooking, doing laundry, being there for both of them. I thought of this idea recently when I recalled reading in the book "Ringworld" (about 25 years ago) how the main character met a member of a race that had a technology failure and was no longer spacefaring. He met a woman who said that she had been a crew member on starships that were gone for years of ship time on trading missions that took hundreds of years of ground time. How many on the ships, he asked? Thirty six. How many women? Three. So it became obvious why the women were aboard, especially after he experienced her considerably developed skills.
Was it not said that Witches tend to associate or live in threes? (Or alone, but they don't seem to marry.) The idea of Witches is a cultural denigration of Hetaira, an attack. But if Hetairas lived in threes, could this not be resentment, of people who chose to live in balance when most others did not?
For myself, I find that I have tried to live with people so as to support and care for them in these ways: cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, listening, touching (as allowed), showing my affection and interest - 'indiscriminately'. I see this by looking back on my life. I did it because it arose out of the Hetaira aspect of my nature, and now I can understand my own behavior. Interestingly, I am able to live with other people in very trying circumstances, because I am Hetaira and compliant. My culturally denounced tendencies are my strengths in relationship.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Next Blog

I have filled this site now with all the content I wanted for it, so I am moving on to another one. This one focused mainly on the Lover Archetype, so the next one will be more about the Mystic.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Someone I know was talking about how we are all emanations of God - rays - all unique, but coming from one source. I agree. I am part of the Hetaira Ray, and I carry that part of God's Love. As I progress, I move out from God, through experience, growing and developing. I see how those who are parts of other Archetypes and personality forms are different, because it is part of my given ability to do so, but other people that I know don't always see it. I think there is room for all of the rays, all the forms, equally, but I don't think that everyone agrees with that. If we all come from God, how can anyone be wrong in essence? Yes, clutted with rubbish, but what is the heart of the person? See that. See yourself. Actually, we are just roles and forms, in some sense interchangeable. I could be you, and you me. Nothing makes that impossible. I love you more when I think of life that way. Is this not good? The Buddha said, "See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?" Aye.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting Again

I have created some simple sites before, but for various reasons removed them. This one is intended simply to be a container for creative work that I am doing, as I have no other venue to offer it at this time. I have no expectation of it being noticed, or of it leading to anything, or trying to meet or interact with anyone. I just would like to put together some impressions and artwork and "cast it upon the waters". A few years ago I found the book "The Artist's Way" and was very excited. I embarked on the exercises and promptly ran in to lots of trouble and issues. But lately, I feel like I have moved more in the direction of expressing creativity, and decided to create this site.
Posts are Oldest First because I don't expect that anyone will re-visit the site to observe over time, so time order is the natural way to read the entries. Most of the work is on the Pages, and there can be up to ten on a site. If I need to exceed ten, I will create another site and link it to this one.