Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Smell is very important to how I maintain relationships. I really like how my wife's hair smells (not because of shampoo), and her whole body has a similar 'tone' to it. I know what most of the people I relate to smell like, and I can recall and imagine it. If they are upset or unwell, they smell wrong to me, and I pick up on it. I am sure this is true of most people, but for some reason, in our culture we seem to want to suppress the idea of smelling other people (or them smelling us). Is it because it is so personal? Well, relationships are personal, so too bad.
I told my wife that if she is visiting anyone with a newborn, "don't smell the baby's head, or you will want one too!" (This has been documented by research.) One thing I have trouble with is when people wear strong perfumes or powders: my throat closes and I can't speak to them! (Not an allergy, my body just says Sorry! No.) When I go to a Radio Club meeting (monthly, but I don't make many of them), this is one of the few times I get out to be in a large room with lots of other people. I find it extremely comforting. I get a lot more calm, and feel better for days. I am nourished by belonging to this group for the past 20 years, and part of it is all those people-scents. Why are we distressed by these things? Enjoy.

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  1. Hello butterfly, thanks for stopping by the blogg and admiring my photos. There was no link to your blog via the comment so I had to search you out on the goggle. Will be visiting here every now and then. Cheers.


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