Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting Again

I have created some simple sites before, but for various reasons removed them. This one is intended simply to be a container for creative work that I am doing, as I have no other venue to offer it at this time. I have no expectation of it being noticed, or of it leading to anything, or trying to meet or interact with anyone. I just would like to put together some impressions and artwork and "cast it upon the waters". A few years ago I found the book "The Artist's Way" and was very excited. I embarked on the exercises and promptly ran in to lots of trouble and issues. But lately, I feel like I have moved more in the direction of expressing creativity, and decided to create this site.
Posts are Oldest First because I don't expect that anyone will re-visit the site to observe over time, so time order is the natural way to read the entries. Most of the work is on the Pages, and there can be up to ten on a site. If I need to exceed ten, I will create another site and link it to this one.