Are you ready to hit the road with me? Let's go!

Road photo
This field always makes me want to run through it...

Field photo

... If you laid down in the tall grass, no one would ever know you were there.

Grass photo

I see differently from most people: with glasses I see fine, but without them, I can only focus from about 4" to 8" away (10 - 20 cm). I can see things that most people cannot - very small things. I can read the security writing on the back of a check.

I found this butterfly in the road. Lots of them there. (This one is obviously dead, hit by a car probably.)

Speckled Dead Butterfly photo

This is an ugly gravel parking lot:

Gravel Photo

Not so ugly after all, but do you look?

Here is some very fine gravel: less than a quarter inch.

Fine Gravel photo

The world is very beautiful. Do you notice it?

This is an ordinary bush, but being close up with leaf shade makes it feel like we are underwater. Don't worry! You can breathe underwater in a dream.

Bush close up photo

Another ordinary bush flower. Everyone likes flowers, but they are all fascinating if you look close up. If you can't see like I can, get a magnifier or a camera to see this way.

White Bush Flower photo

What kind is this?

Purple Flower photo

This ornamental grass looked really interesting until I tried to get a picture of it. Lots of things are that way: the photo is not what your eye saw. Camera is like another being, and you are looking through its non-sentient eye. It can reveal, but often it is too dumb to show. Your persistence can make it work, if you will.

Ornamental Grass photo

A tiny bird egg shell piece. It looks like a moon. Normally I don't say, "It looks like", because in the art gallery, this is one of the most offensive things that I hear people utter. But I know that they don't mean it, and I have to accept their experience as it is.

Either the Artist made it obvious what it is that you are seeing, or they don't want it restricted to one thing familiar from your narrow life. Leave it open. If you know what it is, keep quiet. If you don't know, either speak with someone who does, or keep quiet. Other people see something different. It is like talking about how the food tastes while everyone is eating: if you are not happy with it, don't ruin it for eveyone else. If no one likes it, it won't get made again anyway. If no one likes the painting, it won't be back. Let it go.

Egg Shell photo

Everyone loves flowers, apparently. They are easy to love: beautiful, non-harmful, grow by themselves. Try to be like that.

White and Purple Flower photo

So many people love to garden. I do not. I used to be in charge of two acres of garden of medicinal and flowering plants (beauty is medicine too), and I no longer have an interest. That garden of terraces is still there, but no one makes the effort to live in that remote place and tend it. Flowers grow naturally, just like Jesus said. Why do we make work of it to please ourselves? Why make work of anything? Just enjoy life. That is what He said.

Bush photo

The bush above has stunning little flowers, if you can see them close up:

Pink Bush Flower photo

The ubiquitous Dame's Rocket:

Dame's Rocket Flower photo

Another butterfly in the road. I tried to get a closeup, but both the butterfly and the camera focus did not cooperate for some reason... I told it to stay out of the road. Sometimes creatures listen, but they have their own will. Camera does also. Be nice to it.

Brown Spot Butterfly photo

On this page, all that I did to these photos was reduce them by a factor of 10 in width and height. The photo above was cropped first, then reduced some. The purpose is to show what I see, so I didn't edit the images.

Pepsi Can. Should not be there, and it looks sort of disturbing.

Pepsi Can photo

Does this Iris remind you of anything? Flowers are the sexual organs of plants. Sex should be beautiful and fun. And, we are meant to be seen: God made us naked, and was surprised when we decided to put clothes on. What are we ashamed of? What God made? Shame on us! If people wore less clothing, they would take better care of themselves. The attempt to hide warps us. Be true to how you were made, be yourself before others, and you free them to be themselves.

Iris photo

End of the Road Trip - "We now return you to your regular program" - somewhat improved, I hope.

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